Netherlands Symphony Project

Since its foundation in 2013, the Netherlands Symphony Project (NeSP) has been a foundation for music lovers and musicians. The orchestra offers a platform for talented musicians from the Dutch conservatories and young graduate musicians. Every summer, the Netherlands Symphony Project gives a series of concerts, offering the participating musicians the opportunity to get acquainted with masterpieces from the symphonic repertoire and, moreover, an excellent opportunity to gain high-level orchestral experience. Under the direction of conductor Pim Cuijpers, the program is rehearsed in a few days, after which it is performed at various locations in the country. The concerts of the Netherlands Symphony Project also regularly take place on the stages of renowned festivals. The Netherlands Symphony Project collaborates every year with a special soloist. Among them were Gregor Horsch, Elvira van Groningen, Anastasia Feruleva, Ramon van Engelenhoven and Eline Hensels. In addition, the concerts of the Netherlands Symphony Project have a multidisciplinary appearance due to the collaboration with another art discipline, such as dance, visual arts and poetry. In this way, the Netherlands Symphony Project makes classical music performed at a high level accessible to a wide audience.